List of countries have made Covid-19 vaccines mandatory

List of countries have made Covid-19 vaccines mandatory

India's COVID-19 vaccination campaign was completed one year on 16 January. On 13 January, the government told the SC that it had not issued any guideline that needs vaccination without consent or makes a vaccination certificate mandatory for any purposes.

The WHO has said that it warns against vaccine directives unless all other options have been depleted.

Some of the countries and their views towards vaccine mandates:

France: On Sunday, The French parliament approved a law that will bar unvaccinated individuals from accessing bars, restaurants, and other venues. As of now, unvaccinated people can enter these venues provided they show the latest negative test reports.

If the bill becomes a law, then unvaccinated people will have no option but to get a vaccine pass to be vaccinated against COVID-19. The French public is protesting this measure in places including Paris, Marseilles, and Bordeaux.

President Emmanuel Macron said he wanted to "piss off" the unvaccinated people earlier this month.

Morocco: Double vaccine certificate is required to access government buildings and visit places, including bars, restaurants, and hotels.

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Germany: A decision has not yet been taken, but German Chancellor Olaf Scholz recently advocated for a Double vaccine mandate for all adults during a speech in parliament.

Italy: Italy announced in January that it was making vaccines compulsory for those citizens over the age of 50. As per a Reuters report, Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi's government has already made vaccination mandatory for teachers and health workers. Since October 2021, all employees in Italy have had to be vaccinated or show a negative test before entering the workplace.

Austria: From February, vaccines will be mandatory from 18 years above. Only pregnant women and those who cannot take the vaccines on medical grounds will be exempted.

UK: The UK has only mandated vaccines for health and social care workers so far. Starting 1 April, it will be compulsory for them to get vaccinated against COVID.

US: There is no vaccine instruction in the US, a country with one of the highest vaccine resistance, also called "anti-vaxxers."

About half of the respondents said they were concerned about the vaccine's possible side effects. About 42 percent reported that they don't trust the vaccine. Less than 10 percent reported not getting it because their doctor had not recommended it. About two percent reported not getting it because of difficulty in obtaining it.

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