Tuesday, 25 January 2022

Maharashtra to restart offline school from 1st December

School for all Offline classes will be resumed in Maharashtra from 1st December, state's School Education Minister Varsha Eknath Gaikwad announced on 25th November.

Gaikwad said that the state Cabinet finalized the decision after consultations with Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray and the pediatric task force constituted by the state government.

Earlier, the Maharashtra government had permitted classes 5 to 12 to resume in rural areas and classes 8-12 to reopen in urban areas from 4th October.

Gaikwad said that the state Cabinet has now approved the decision to reopen the school for classes 1 to 4 in a rural area and 1 to 7 in an urban area from 1st December.

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The minister tweeted.

"After discussing with Chief Minister, the cabinet and pediatric task force, the state cabinet has decided to reopen schools from Std 1st to 4th in rural area and Std 1st to 7th in urban area from 1st December. We are committed to safe resumption of schools,"

Gaikwad added.

"I will also hold deliberations with the paediatric task force on the need to update the SOPs for reopening for the sake of the much younger children, some of whom may be attending physical classes for the first time. Their well-being, health has always been our topmost priority,"

The minister noted that this is the "third phase of school reopenings," adding that the school staff and students must strictly stick to the COVID-19 safety norms.

Notably, the decision to reopen the schools for all classes comes amid a constant decline in coronavirus infections reported in the state. The active case tally in Maharashtra has dropped to 9,366, as per the last update issued by the health department on 24th November.

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